Ministry Resource Library:

The MRL is an every-growing reservoir of ministry materials that is available to all CDMA members. We offer manuals, booklets, and audio and video messages from ministries around the world. These materials provide a unique insight into how other ministries are doing what God has called them to do.

CDMA Fellowship Directory:

Updated annually, the CDMA fellowship Directory contains information on each of our members, including the following:

  • Ministry Name
  • Location
  • Contact Information

Pastoral Support:

At times delicate situations arise that require wisdom, sensitivity and discretion. CDMA is able to provide ministry leaders with the Word-based counsel needed for the situations of life.

Preferred Seating:

Preferred seating is available at all World Changers Church International, Creflo Dollar Ministries, and CDMA events.


Members are able to contact the CDMA office on a regular basis to discuss any issue(s) that may occur in their ministry. If the issue is more complex than what the staff can handle, the member will be connected to an Advisory Board Member.

Ministers' and Leaders' Conferences:

Each fall, CDMA hosts its Ministers' and Leaders' Conference for ministry leaders and their spouses. This three-day event includes powerful general sessions and practical workshops specifically designed for ministers. This conference is a time of impartation and refreshing, where ministers and their spouses are able to relax and fellowship in an atmosphere of genuine brotherhood.

Ministry Enrichment Seminars:

CDMA offers Ministry Enrichment Seminars that give ministers and ministries an opportunity to receive intensive training in specialized areas of ministry, such as television production, children/youth ministry and finances. The daily classes, Q&A sessions and hands-on workshops move beyond theories and principles to give you the practical steps needed to maximize your vision.

Certificate of Membership:

The Certificate of Membership will be given to each new member during the Induction Ceremony, outlining their commitment to fellowship with other members of CDMA and to be under the covering of Dr. Dollar.