“When we first established [World Changers Church International], no one was willing to show us anything. We were forced to discover things on our own. Although I thank God for those times of learning, I can’t help but wonder how much more quickly things could have happened if we had had an anointed ministry to show us the way. This is one reason why I believe CDMA is so important. Time is short. Ministries must grow quickly.” – Creflo Dollar

Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association “Family Matters”

The Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association is an organization established by Creflo Dollar to bring ministers coming together in a covenant relationship to serve one another and maximize the visions of the individual ministries. “Covenant Affiliation” is a phrase that accurately describes the heartbeat of CDMA. No minister or organization affiliated with CDMA is without a spiritual “covering.” No member is alone or without support and guidance. As far as Dr. Dollar is concerned, “Covenant is simply about helping people. It is about exchanging strengths for weaknesses until those weaknesses have been completely eliminated.”

Although CDMA has a growing membership that spans the globe, there is a core value that runs as a common thread throughout. CDMA is more than an organization, it’s a family. One of the definitions of family is a group of people who are generally not blood related but share common attitudes, interests, or goals. This definition provides the perfect framework for what CDMA represents.