From London with Love by Pastor Aaron Boakye Danquah

For approximately 18 years, my wife and I have served in various areas of ministry, such as greeters, home group leaders, Sunday school teachers, deacons, elders, and finally as pastors. Before we became pastors, we studied the Word of God and continued to seek God’s face for direction. For many years, we knew we had the call of God upon our lives, especially in the area of teaching. In July 2007, while I was in prayer at home, I heard the Holy Spirit say it was time to move forward and fulfill the call upon our lives. In February 2008, we were released by our Bishop to answer God’s call. We held our fi rst church service that month.

In 2008 we started our church, and we prayerfully asked God for a covering (a father figure in ministry). I started watching Dr. Creflo Dollar on Christian television. One day as I was watching the broadcast, I heard a voice say, “He is the man you need to look up to.” I decided to contact Creflo Dollar Ministries. Shortly after, I received a response from Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association, and we became members. After two years, we officially made Dr. Dollar and Pastor Taffi our spiritual parents. From the day we made that first connection until today, we haven’t regretted it. We have learned so much. Through their words—watching them on DVDs and listening to their CDs—they have been a great inspiration to us.

It is very important to have a covering in ministry. We all need accountability. We all need direction from someone who can tell us when we are going in the wrong direction. Additionally, we need someone we can go to for strength. When we started the ministry, we didn’t want to just do things on our own without a spiritual father. One thing that I have learned as an international member is that we’re just a phone call or e-mail away. We can contact CDMA whenever we need some information. We also continue to watch Dr. Dollar on television, and through these avenues, he speaks into our lives. The words he speaks, minister to us even though we are far away.

That is why distance shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to joining CDMA. I would encourage international ministers to join and stay connected because CDMA is a family. Everyone needs a family. Every time we come to the conferences, we make new friends. Our fellowship with CDMA members is genuine and honest. They openly share things that they go through in ministry—both the good and the bad. We also share with them things that we have gone through. They encourage us, and we encourage them. Being a member of CDMA has given us a sense of belonging.

One of the things we took away the first year we joined CDMA, in 2009, was the importance of growing leaders and building a solid leadership structure. When we went back to another CDMA conference the next year, we learned even more about growing leaders, but this time we brought the information to the members, not just the leaders.

As we began to share the information, we faced opposition from both leaders and members because many of them didn’t want to learn the Word of God. It was new to them because church was just a social gathering. They felt the messages should be lighter and easier, but we felt the Word was more important. We believed that with the Word there is nothing we can’t do. We were committed to our stance on the Word, and some people left. However, there were others who came to learn the Word. As members of CDMA, we have learned how to practically apply the Word in our everyday lives. We have also learned the importance of being excellent for God— doing things right and being consistent in all that we do, especially when it concerns the Word. A recent visit from Bishop and Mrs. Fuller has given us the push and encouragement we needed.

Currently, we have about 50 adult members. I can confidently say that these are men and women who know how to work in excellence. They know the Scriptures and carry the vision. We are now ready to build on the foundation that CDMA has helped us to develop. The year 2013 will be our year! I believe we will see growth in numbers as well. We can’t wait to share that testimony.